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Collaboration and Social Media with Emergency Notification and Accountability

In today’s competitive landscape, email blasts often go unread or end up in the spam box.  Finding content on websites is difficult and time-consuming.  Social media platforms are unstructured and not suitable for organizations wishing to keep information within their group.

So more than ever, organizations need a simple way to connect people, communicate relevant content to users, and leverage the power of mobility and social media to collaborate within their community.  LIINX achieves these goals by providing a flexible, bi-directional, quick and simple mobile app for your organization's members. Create your own private social media environment.

LIINX also features a mass emergency notification and accountability system called RUOK? (“Are You Okay?). RUOK? gives administrators/first responders the ability to alert people via the LIINX app about emergency conditions. First responders can send multi-mode mass communication alerts via text, email, and push notifications to your LIINX users to let them know what is happening and provide instructions about what to do.

LIINX app users simply check "ok" or "not ok.”  A dashboard presentation gives first responders the ability to assess users, locate them via GPS and then contact them directly via email, phone or chat to send or provide aid. LIINX operates on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.  LIINX is ideal for government, education, business and non-profit applications.

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a cloud based cybersecurity product that isn’t complex, expensive and inefficient.

Graphus provides industry-leading social engineering detection capabilities. It detects sophisticated attacks that even bypass G Suite’s world-class security. 

Underlying patent-pending technology uses graph theory, big data algorithms, and machine learning to learn about the trusted relationships and user behaviors unique to your organization. Interactions and user actions are evaluated against this profile to detect social engineering attacks and suspicious activities. 

Graphus does all the heavy lifting for you. There are no large upfront investments or the need to hire expensive security staff. Simply pay as you grow.  Only $2 per user per month.


Case Study - Martin Engineering / Mike Komick, IT Manager

"Spear phishing attacks were three times higher than we thought we were seeing."

"Graphus gives you an additional layer of security that requires very little interaction so we can keep our work day moving along."

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