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ISG CTO Invited to Brief at the U.S. Army Software Solarium 3

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(22 May 2018 - Aberdeen Proving Groud, MD) - Robert Hermanns, CTO of Intelligence Systems Group, LLC (ISG) presented ISG's Cloud Migration Strategies today at the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command's Software Solarium 3.  This year's theme centered on  "The Software Enterprise: Adapting to New Strategic Realities of the Next Great Frontier" and provided a venue for discussion about the challenges associated with the growth and capabilities of software in the Army's portfolio.  Hermanns provided observations, tips, and lessons learned from leading the first-ever migration of DoD applications to the IL-5 certified MicroSoft Azure Platform.  ISG specializes in cloud migration services and has been emblematic in the Army's transformation to the Azure cloud environment.  To learn more, please see the briefing slides and contact us at 888-425-7370 or via email at